Standard procedure

If you want to offer games to the public on a physical medium in Germany, you can apply for an age rating here and find out about the costs.

General policies

The legal basis for this is the Children and Young Persons Protection Act (JuSchG). The examination procedure is regulated by the USK General Policy Statement. You can find further information on the obligations for content here.


How to acquire a rating:

  1. Download and fill out the submission form (see below).
  2. Send us the complete game together with the completed and signed submission form as well as all available and printed materials such as the manual, cover, fact sheet, Achievement / Trophy list, cheats, etc. For games that contain a multiplayer mode, we need a way to review this mode: Additional versions / accounts, video footage of the gameplay and a detailed description of the multiplayer mode.

    Please note that the submission form with all documents has to be sent to us in one package at the same time. If information and game data are transferred digitally (e.g. FTP, Cloud Transfer), the form must be attached to the e-mail. For games to be transferred digitally, the USK can provide FTP accounts.

    Alternatively you can send the documents by post:

    USK – Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Unterhaltungssoftware GmbH
    Torstr. 6
    10119 Berlin

    Please follow these instructions for games that are being published via Google Stadia.

  3. As soon as the title reaches us, you will receive a confirmation email with the reference number. In the event that the game cannot be examined because documentation is missing or the game is incomplete, we will contact you immediately.
  4. The game receives a rating within a maximum of five (ad hoc procedure), twelve (urgent procedure) or twenty (normal procedure) working days. The decisive factor is the date of receipt by the USK. The period begins one working day after receipt of the submission form. Please note the closing times of the USK between Christmas and New Year. The deadlines for the classification procedures are extended accordingly.
  5. After the title has been reviewed and examined, you will receive the USK notification by email to the contact person stated on the submission form.

Submission form


You can find a list of the costs under our cost overview.

You can find more information in our Publisher-FAQs.