Frequently asked questions

Here we answer frequently asked questions from publishers and companies.

Age classification and standard procedure

Is there an obligation for the USK classification?
How do we apply for the USK classification process?
How long does it take to get a USK age classification?
At what development stage can a game be submitted to the classification process? What is your definition of “feature complete”?
Do I need to re-submit the release of an already rated game on a new platform?
Can the applicant appeal against an issued rating? How can I find out about the reasoning behind an age rating?
Why do some rated titles not appear in the USK online database?
Can I receive consulting regarding the youth protection relevance of game content that is still in development?
Can I distribute an unrated or “indexed” title in Germany?

Which rules apply for games that are distributed digitally only?


How can an IARC rating be obtained?
Can I use the IARC rating beyond non-IARC platforms?
What are costs for the IARC process?
Who can I contact regarding further questions regarding the IARC classification process?