JMStV-Basic Package

For international providers it is not and has never been easy to decide which kind of youth protection relevance certain contents have with respect to the German youth protection regulations for online content. Certain types of content, e.g. sexual references, may be classified lower – other types of content, e.g. violence, may be classified higher than in other countries. The Basic Package of the USK therefore delivers a full analysis of all content and youth protection related duties. After the Basic Package, you will have a full overview about legal compliance of your content – and with which measures potential threats can be eliminated.


After you submitted the form for the JMStV-Basic Package, the German Age Rating Board will assess all of your online contents and check if all content complies in accordance with the Youth Protection State Agreement (JMStV). All different kinds of content will undergo this review: Domains, social networks, apps, console content, TV. Special in-depth sections of the analysis can be arranged individually beforehand.


The Basic Package results in a 20-25 pages long detailed report in which all outcomes are listed in a clear and comprehensible manner. The report points out all youth protection related areas of concern as well as non-binding recommendations on how to ensure legal compliance without too restrictive or unnecessary user barriers for adult gamers. Any recommendations of the USK will be based on legal regulations but at the same time the actual legal practice for online content will be taken into account. 

The Basic Package will also check if your company is eligible for a membership in general. After completion of the report a final conference call will answer open questions and further measures can be agreed upon. 

The full analysis can be ordered for 300,- EUR (plus VAT) with the form below. Companies which are interested in a permanent and durable youth protection solution for their online content can decide to join the USK after the Basic Package.


Lorenzo von Petersdorff