The Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) provides consultancy services for developer and publisher of computer and video games independently from the official classification process. Therefore the client can incorporate aspects regarding youth protection relevant contents in Germany before and during the development process in a more considerate manner and include them in the marketing strategy. Videos, gameplay material or concepts can be examined with respect to their youth protection relevance.

Possible topics of the consulting include:

  • the fundamental situation regarding youth protection for computer and video games in Germany
  • jurisdiction and responsibility of the various institutions including the USK, the Permanent Representative of the Supreme Youth Protection Authorities (OLJB) or the Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM)
  • consultation with respect to specific games and examples

The results of the consulting meetings have no influence on possible decisions of the age classification pursuant to the Children and Young Persons Protection Act (JuSchG).


  • Fundamental information about the legal guidelines for computer and video games in Germany with respect to the Children and Young Persons Protection Act (JuSchG) and the Youth Media Protection State Agreement (JMStV) as well as the relevant institutions
  • Fundamental information about the USK criteria
  • Analysis and evaluation of specific game contents
    • Denotation of all critical elements with respect to the various age groups
    • Evaluation based on specific examples, comparable titles and past decisions of the Classification Committee and their realization of the criteria
    • Specific implementation suggestions
    • The extensive consulting report will be forwarded within 5 working days after the actual consultancy
  • LOCATION: at the client’s premises or within the USK office
  • Optional: the applicable material can be reviewed by the consulting department beforehand. The actual consultancy will then take place on a separate date

Cost overview

The USK offers reduced consulting fees for all members including a free share of our consulting service on a monthly basis. An overview of our general consulting service charges can be found in our cost overview.

Consulting service charge for non-members is 140 EUR/h (+ VAT). Travel and accommodation expenses will be charged separately.