Trade fairs and events

Games, demos, apps, game-based stage programmes or other content which is to be presented to the public at events such as trade fairs or eSports events can also be classified and may only be made accessible to the appropriate age groups.

Whether an age rating is necessary, for example because a trade fair is accessible to visitors of all ages, you can find out directly from the organiser.

The USK, as the youth protection partner of an event, often takes on the task of supervising the protection of minors on site. In such a case, the USK works together with the organiser to develop an appropriate concept for the protection of minors and serves as the first point of contact for all exhibitors both before and during the event when it comes to the topic of the protection of minors.

The USK is currently in charge of gamescom in Cologne. Further information for exhibitors can be found here.

Are you planning your own event? The USK will be happy to assist you.