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The USK offers a wide range of services for developers, publishers and content providers. In addition to information on the classification of games, apps, online content and trade fairs and events, here you can also find information on consulting services, technical youth protection and other services that are part of the membership.


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Classification of games and apps

Age ratings in Germany
If you want to offer, distribute or publicly exhibit video games or apps in Germany.
In the classification committee with the support of the Supreme Youth Protection Authorities or via the IARC system.
Application forms, graphic templates and costs
All the information, forms and templates you need to submit your game for a classification.

Services of the USK

Enjoy the most comprehensive legal protection possible in German youth protection and benefit from many other advantages.
Get support in topics such as technical youth media protection, youth protection at events, social media, streaming, eSports and much more.
JMStV-Basic Package
We help you with the legal assessment of your entire online offer in the context of the JMStV Basic Package.
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Obligations for providers

Here you can find all information on the obligations for providers.


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Work of the USK

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