Submitting Google Stadia Games

Games which are published via Google Stadia can be made available to the USK for testing purposes.

In order to make a game published via Google Stadia accessible to the USK’s testing department in the process of our standard procedure, please follow the following steps:

Prepare the project

  • Choose the project in your organization that will host the submission package. This can be your existing development project or one created specifically for this purpose.
  • Upload the submission package (if not already available).
  • Note the package name and ID along with the application ID as these are necessary for the 3rd Party to launch the game.

Notify Stadia Partner Support

Once you have created/prepared the project, inform Stadia Partner Support via with the following information:

Please configure the following project for use by USK:
Org ID: xxx
Project ID: xxx
Ratings Board: USK
Package Size: XXGB

Edit project

Once the project has been prepared by the Stadia Partner Support and you have received a notification, please add the following users as Developers to the project:

Notify USK

Supply the Play link and confirm that the package is ready for testing to the USK testing department () and continue with the usual submission process for standard procedures.

You can find more information in our Publisher-FAQs.