Information for gamescom exhibitors

This year, gamescom 2020 will take place exclusively digitally due to the nationwide measures to combat the corona virus.

The Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) continues to be the official youth protection partner of the gamescom. In order to fully guarantee the protection of minors online as well, gamescom (Koelnmesse GmbH) has joined the USK through a membership. Accordingly, the protection of minors on gamescom’s own channels is guaranteed by the USK. This year, submission of individual content to the USK is only obligatory for content which contains unconstitutional symbols. Such content must be submitted to the USK for examination in advance.

However, the USK can also classify presentations, trailers, demos, streams and other content in order to ensure that your online presence complies with youth protection regulations. Such a procedure is recommended for content which in particular addresses violent game concepts and/or links these to a threatening atmosphere. In all cases, clear reference must be made to USK age ratings which have been issued in the context of gamescom now or in the case of the your own formats.

Please also pay attention to the legal regulations for the protection of minors in Germany. The USK will be happy to advise you on this. It may also be advisable to become a member of the USK.

To be classified content must be sent by e-mail together with the submission form.

Deadline for all submissions is August 10th 2020, 3 P.M. CEST.

Games and trailers can be submitted as keys, vouchers, links to cloud content or FTP. The USK will be happy to provide FTP access. Several trailers which are shown in a loop can be submitted together with just one application.

The examination fees are based on the current cost regulations.

Streamers / Presentations / Hands-off demos

Please submit a 10-minute “fake livestream” that includes the usual game elements, presentation points and live commentary. Approval can then be given for this content and commentary style, and is valid for a presentation of the game with similar content.

Advantages for members can obtain an assessment of the relevance for the protection of minors within the scope of their free consultation quota. Further details on can be found here. Where necessary, a recommendation for certification will be issued as part of the consultation. This is particularly necessary if fade-in USK rating symbols are to be used.


Marek Brunner