What can parents do?

  • Let your children only play games with a valid age rating symbol.

  • Make sure that the games your child plays are within a suitable age category.

  • Make sure that younger children in the family do watch older children playing games which are unsuitable for the younger ones.

  • Children aged under three are not yet capable of playing computer games. Learning software and games appropriate to their age may be given to children aged four to five, although children should not be allowed to sit at the computer alone until they are six years old.

  • Discuss games with your children. They will be happy to explain even complex subject matters and will do so with great enthusiasm.

  • Agree on fixed playing times with your child, taking into account times spent watching television and using other media.

  • If you have any questions about age rating symbols, you may contact the Permanent Representatives of the Supreme Youth Protection Authorities (OLJB) of the Federal States at the USK directly.